Has Trump done a scam like ‘Toshakhana’ like Imran?  The gifts given by Modi-Yogi were gutted!

Has Trump done a scam like ‘Toshakhana’ like Imran? The gifts given by Modi-Yogi were gutted!

Trump Family Didn’t Disclose Gifts: Former US President Donald Trump is getting into many troubles. On the one hand, he is accused of having a relationship with a porn star and giving her money, while on the other hand, he has been accused of running a ‘Toshkhana’ scam like Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan. It is being told that when Trump was the President, he had received gifts worth crores from foreign leaders, many of which he has not disclosed.

Trump accused of scam like ‘Toshakhana’
In a report by the Democrats Committee of the US Congress against Trump, Trump has been accused of swallowing about 100 gifts. According to the report, as President, Trump did not disclose the gifts of $ 250,000 (Rs 2.06 crore according to Indian currency) received from foreign leaders. Prime Minister of India in these gifts Narendra ModiGifts given by former President Ram Nath Kovind and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are also included.

Trump was the US President from 2017 to 2021
The report of the Democrats Committee of the US Congress states that Trump and his family received a total of 17 gifts during their visit to India. Whose cost was US $ 47,000. in these Yogi Adityanath US $8,500 vase by PM Modi, $4,600 model of Taj Mahal, $6,600 Indian rug by former President Kovind, $1,900 cufflinks by PM Modi. Including gifts received from Indian leaders, Trump is accused of missing gifts worth a total of $ 250,000. He was the US President from the year 2017 to 2021.

… then Trump will be in trouble like Imran
The allegations leveled against Trump are similar to those of the former prime minister in India’s neighboring country Pakistan. Imran Khan are installed on. The only difference is that the special room for keeping the gifts received from foreign leaders is called ‘Toshakhana’ in Pakistan. Imran has been accused of disappearing or selling gifts from ‘Toshakhana’ itself and in this case the sword of arrest hangs on him. For the last several days, the police is trying to arrest him and Imran is avoiding going to jail after getting relief from the High Court. Now Trump may also face similar difficulties, he has also been accused of hiding or selling gifts at his place.

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