Hot air balloon caught fire, passengers jumped in mid air, 2 died

Hot air balloon caught fire, passengers jumped in mid air, 2 died

Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire: A case of sudden fire in the hot air balloon in Mexico (Mexico) has come to light. The video of this accident is also going viral on social media. Two people were killed when a hot air balloon caught fire while flying over the famous Teotihuacan archaeological site near Mexico City on Saturday (April 1), the regional government said.

The government of the State of Mexico said that some passengers jumped from the balloon. The news of scorching of a child has also come to the fore. The deceased have been identified as a 39-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man. However, his name has not been disclosed. In this accident, the face of a child was completely scorched by the fire. Along with this, his right leg was also fractured.

Video going viral on social media

At present, it is not clear how many passengers were on the hot air balloon. A video posted on social media showed the balloon completely engulfing the sky in flames. Several tour operators take passengers on a balloon tour over Teotihuacan, 45 miles (70 km) northeast of Mexico City, for about $150.

Passengers jumped from hot air balloon

Many passengers in the balloon got scared and jumped from the hot air balloon. Teotihuacan is a popular tourist destination with the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon and its Avenue of the Dead. Which is a living monument of the pre-Columbian period. Hot air balloon ride is one of the best adventure activities in many places in India too. Jaipur city is also famous for hot air balloon ride.

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