How can farmers reduce the diesel consumption in the tractor?  Learn here some easy ways to save and earn

How can farmers reduce the diesel consumption in the tractor? Learn here some easy ways to save and earn


Tractor Tips: In today’s modern era, farming has also become of new era. Technologies and mechanization have reduced most of the work to ease. By investing in them once, farmers can earn good profits by saving resources in farming for years. Today, tractors have an important role in completing most of the agricultural works. Almost every agricultural machine is operated by connecting it to a tractor. It has made the field plowing, tilling, sowing, irrigation, spraying, harvesting and yield management easy, but it is not possible to take the tractor to the field daily amid rising oil prices. Many times a lot of money has to be spent in repairing the tractor as well. To deal with these challenges, farmers will have to work on measures to reduce diesel consumption in tractors.

Get the tractor serviced
Many times the tractor is used for a long time, but it is not serviced on time. Smoke also starts coming out of the tractor engine after continuous running, which can be a sign of increased diesel consumption. The real reason for this problem is the fault in the injector or injection pump, to get it fixed, get the tractor checked or serviced every 2 months. Despite this, if smoke comes out of the tractor, then understand that more burden is being put on the engine, so carry the weight according to the capacity of the tractor. In this way, the tractor will have ease of smooth operation for a long time.

what is the right way to drive a tractor
If you want to reduce the diesel consumption in the tractor to some extent then run length instead of width. In this way, it will not take much time for the tractor to move from the edge of the fields and diesel consumption can also be reduced. Apart from this, also rotate the engine as required. Over revving the engine not only increases the diesel consumption but also increases the chances of wear and tear.

take care of the engine
The veins of the body are directly connected to the heart. In the same way, the engine of the tractor is its real life, so keep taking care of the cleanliness of the engine from time to time. Many times, while working in the fields, dust and dirt get accumulated in the engine. Many times various types of noises also start coming while starting the engine. This is a sign of less air flow in the tractor, which can also increase the diesel consumption.

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change mobil oil
Many farmers put the collected mobil oil together in the engine, but if the tractor is not used much, the mobil oil also becomes old, due to which the diesel also costs more. In such a situation, keep changing not only the mobil oil but also the filters from time to time. If we keep in mind some similar precautions, then the consumption of diesel can be reduced.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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