How does the heart of a boy and a girl behave as stress increases?

How does the heart of a boy and a girl behave as stress increases?


This is an interesting question that how would the heart react when stress increases? Even more interesting is whether the heart also gives a different reaction according to male-female. According to a research published in ‘Science Advances’, boys and girls are quite different from each other in terms of heart. Actually, it has been clearly said in this research that whenever a boy or a girl is stressed about something, they give very different reactions from each other. If a boy or a girl is stressed about anything, then at that time both give different reactions on the stress hormone noradrenaline. This research was first done on a rat. In which this kind of difference was seen. 

This machine was used to measure the heart of a boy or boy during stress

This research team has created a special type of fluorescence imaging system. In which it was seen with the help of a light that when a rat is in trouble, difficulty or stress, what kind of reaction its stress hormones and heart give. It was measured with neurotransmitters. During this research, rats were exposed to noradrenaline, also known as norepinephrine. For your information, let us tell you that noradrenaline is a transmitter that gives a reaction during the body’s fight or flight, which can also be called a neurotransmitter. And the reactions of hormones are also seen in this. 

Men and women are very different from each other even in matters of heart: Research

It has also been revealed in this research that as soon as the stress hormone increases in the body of a boy or a girl, both give very different reactions from each other. To prove this, a male rat and a female rat were taken in this research. It was observed through this machine that when male and female rats were exposed to stress hormones, their reaction was very normal for a few minutes, but after some time the heart rate of the woman started increasing faster than that of the man, and then a It became normal after time. The heart rate of the female rat increased very fast like lightning and then became normal after a time.

According to the research
Jessica L., the writer of this complete research. Caldwell is. Caldwell is a postdoctoral scholar in the UC Davis School of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology. Jessica L. According to Caldwell, when stressed, the heartbeat of men and women starts beating fast like lightning. But it resets after a while. And but men’s heart does not become normal for a long time. 


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