How far Pakistan rupee lags against Indian rupee against dollar, know

How far Pakistan rupee lags against Indian rupee against dollar, know


Pakistan: Pakistan’s problems are not taking the name of reducing. The neighboring country is struggling with economic poverty. People are yearning for basic needs. There are reports like stampede for ration, from this it is being estimated that through which crisis Pakistan is passing.

Let us tell that inflation in Pakistan has broken the record of the last five decades. On year-on-year basis, the inflation rate has reached 35.37 percent in March. The currency of Pakistan is also in heavy decline. The Pakistani rupee has broken down to Rs 283.750 against one US dollar. At the same time, the price of one dollar in India is Rs 82.185. Significantly, the Pakistani rupee is continuously falling against the dollar. Now the Pakistani rupee has made a new record against the dollar.

If we compare Pakistani currency with India, then there is a difference of land and sky in both. One rupee of India is equal to 3.45 rupees of Pakistan. For example, if a Pakistani wants to exchange 1 dollar, then he will have to pay Rs 283,750. The same Indian will have to pay only Rs 82.185 to exchange 1 dollar.

Pakistan’s position in comparison to India

By the way, Pakistan keeps comparing India in every field, even if it cannot stand in front of India in any matter. Talking about the economic situation, there can be no comparison between India and Pakistan. On the one hand, where Pakistan is currently in need of food and drink. Pakistan is at 42nd position in terms of economy. Whereas India is the fifth largest economy in the world. India’s GDP is $3.46 trillion and Pakistan’s is only $376 billion. At present India has foreign exchange reserves of $572 billion, while Pakistan has only $7.8 billion.

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