If social media influencers do this, they will be fined 50 lakhs, the government issued new guidelines

If social media influencers do this, they will be fined 50 lakhs, the government issued new guidelines

Social Media Guidelines: Cheating people through social media platforms in the country can now be costly. Nowadays social media is a good medium for big companies to promote their products. According to the reports, in the year 2020, social media was a big market of Rs 1,275 crore and by 2025 it is likely to increase by 20 percent.

The Central Government has issued a new guideline for social media influencers and companies. According to which now celebrities or influencers will not be able to promote the products of any such company on social media, but for this they will have to attach some important information along with the publicity. Let’s know…

Money information will have to be given

Under the new guideline, now every celebrity and influencer promoting the product on the platform will have to tell whether they have taken money for this promotion or not, along with this information will also have to be given that their financial interest is behind the endorsement of the product. included or not. According to media reports, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has issued new guidelines under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. Department Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said that the purpose of bringing this guideline is that the right information should reach the consumer.

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According to the new guideline, now every celebrities, social media influencers and virtual influencers will have to tell whether they have received money for product endorsement or not. Influencers will have to give this information in the video itself and also have to tell whether they use that product or not.

Live streaming is also in this scope

This new guideline of the government also applies to live streaming. If celebrities or influencers promote the product by live stream on any social media platform, then in this also they have to give correct information about the product.

There will be a fine of 50 lakhs for not following the rules

It has also been made clear by the ministry that if someone violates the guidelines, he will be fined Rs 10 lakh. At the same time, for repeated violations, this fine can increase to Rs 50 lakh and promotion of any product can also be banned for 6 years.

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