In Gupta Navratri 2023 remove the crisis from your life and destroy poverty

In Gupta Navratri 2023 remove the crisis from your life and destroy poverty

Gupt Navratri 2023: Gupta Navratri is starting from tomorrow. On this day there is a ritual of worshiping Goddess. But it is believed that on this day the worship of Goddess is not done by telling anyone. That’s why it has been named Gupta Navratri. The more secretive this sadhna is, the sooner it will yield results.

Gupta Navratri has been considered important for the seekers of Tantra Mantra. While this is not completely true. You can worship Maa Durga even in Gupta Navratri. The goddess may be worshiped in any form, but in every form the mother showers her blessings on her devotees. It rains, saves them from trouble and destroys poverty.

emergency rescue

If you have to face any kind of fear or there is fear of sudden crisis like travel, accident etc., then chant this mantra for the whole 9 days in Gupta Navratri. It is believed that by chanting this mantra, you will get rid of any kind of sudden crisis.

Mantra – Sharanagat Dinart Paritraan Parayne. Sarvasyartihare Devi Narayani Namostute.

destruction of poverty

If you are financially troubled, or facing financial crisis, or there is always a shortage of money, then in such a situation

  • On the day of Navratri Sthapana, at 12:28 in the morning, spread a yellow cloth on a post in the temple of the house.
  • Put a copper plate on it.
  • Then write ‘Shri’ with saffron in that plate and offer flowers.
  • After this, color 11 Lakshmidayak shells with saffron and place them on the plate.
  • Then fill a Dakshinavarti conch with water mixed with saffron and worship the shells. After worship, chant this mantra –

Durgesmrita Harsi Bhitimsheshjanto: Healthy: Smrita Matimativ Shubhan Dadasi.

Let us tell you that chant this mantra one rosary daily. Repeat this experiment regularly for nine days. On the day of Dashami, wrap cowries in yellow cloth and give them in your almirah or the place where money is kept. It is believed that by doing this prayog, poverty goes away and Lakshmi starts coming.

So, even if you are suffering from any of these problems, you can improve your life with these remedies on this Gupta Navratri.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is necessary to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.

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