In times of retrenchment, Ashneer Grover told a method, if the company adopts it, people’s jobs can be saved

In times of retrenchment, Ashneer Grover told a method, if the company adopts it, people’s jobs can be saved


Ashneer Grover News: Thousands of employees are being fired every day. According to a report, on an average 3 thousand employees are losing their jobs every day. In this, the number of big companies to small and startup companies is also high. In this era of retrenchment, BharatPe founder Ashneer Grover has said that he never fired any employee due to the bad condition of the market.

Ashneer Grover further said that I am saddened by people losing their jobs every day. I am fortunate that I have never fired an employee because of a bad market, because I have always worked carefully. Ashneer Grover said in his LinkedIn post that I have made a long term plan as a founder.

Suggestions given instead of getting fired

Instead of firing employees, Grover suggested that instead of firing people, you can cut the salary. He said that people should often focus on development and construction. Instead of firing people, they cut their salaries from 25 percent to 40 percent. Grover said that why the founders of the companies cannot do this.

Actual Salary and Paid Salary

In November last year, Ashneer Grover spoke at length about the need to “cut costs to extend the runway” and the concept of “real salary versus paid salary”. He told that during 2021, the salary of the actual salary employees was more, while if we look at the ratio of 2022, the employees will get jobs on the actual salary.

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These companies laid off in January

Google parent Alphabet laid off 12,000 employees in the first three weeks of January, while Microsoft is laying off nearly 10,000. More than 18,000 employees are being fired from Amazon. Other tech companies such as Facebook-parent Meta and Elon Musk’s Twitter have laid off thousands of workers late last year.

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