India got many chances against New Zealand, but all chances were wasted

India got many chances against New Zealand, but all chances were wasted


Hockey World Cup 2023: Sunday was very disappointing for Indian hockey fans. India could not succeed in making it to the quarter finals of the World Cup being played at its own home. Hockey India President Dilip Tirkey has expressed disappointment over India’s defeat. Dilip Tirkey says that India got a lot of chances in the match against New Zealand, but went on to lose them all.

India’s start in the match played against New Zealand was excellent. India had taken a 2-0 lead at one point. However, from here he lost his grip in the match and gave New Zealand a chance to make a comeback. New Zealand returned to the match and made the score of the match 1-2. After this, India again took a 3-1 lead by scoring a goal. But later New Zealand managed to equalize 3-3. The match went to the penalty shoot out and there India lost 4-5.

Dilip Tirkey said, “We had a chance to win the match. We have already been talking about how important it is to convert penalty corners to win matches. But we could not succeed in doing so. We missed one chance after another and the result is in front of us.

India will have to take lesson from defeat

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Tirkey has also been the captain of the Indian hockey team. The veteran player said, “We got a chance to win even in the penalty shoot-out. We had two chances. Our goalkeeper made two saves in sudden death. But we wasted that opportunity too. Now I hope that India will be able to do well in their last match.

Dilip Tirkey believes that India needs to learn a lesson from the defeat against New Zealand. India will take on Japan on 26 January. The result of this match will decide which place India gets between 9 and 16 in the points table.

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