Indian Army attack to Nepali police on Nepal India border, Situation went Critical

Indian Army attack to Nepali police on Nepal India border, Situation went Critical


An attempt has been made to attack Nepal Police and Armed Police Force at Islampur, Biratnagar Metropolitan City-17 under the Nepal-India border area on Wednesday night. Due to the epidemic of corona virus, an attempt has been made to attack the police stationed at the checkpoint to prevent them from moving from Nepal to India and from India to Nepal

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Tensions had erupted on Wednesday evening after Nepal and the Armed Police Force (APF) tried to stop those who had gone to India under the pretext of buying goods. According to the police, they tried to attack the Nepali security personnel with the help of Indians. The situation became tense when they tried to stop it. According to him, Nepal-India movement is being tightened in the border area due to the corona.




The high rate of corona infection has not stopped the flow of people to India secretly and back after buying goods. When the police try to stop them, there is tension in the border area from time to time. Prani Thapa said that the situation has become abnormal after 30-35 people who went to India violating the rules were not allowed to enter Nepal and started rioting in the border area with the help of Indian citizens and traders.


He said that a mob of three to four hundred people suddenly came from India and tried to attack Nepal and the Armed Police Force deployed in the border area. However, a large contingent of police arrived for further assistance and the Indian police arrived and the assailants fled after 9 pm, Thapa said. He said that the Indian police also helped in chasing the mob by coordinating with the Nepal Police.



Under the pretext of buying goods, Indian traders have been helping those who leave Nepal during the Corona epidemic. According to the police, the traders have been supporting Nepalis in Nepal-India air travel after their business was run by Nepalis. That is why the Indian intruders were stopped from trying to enter Nepal.


\”Due to the risk of corona infection, border crossings are being reduced to zero,\” he said, \”but there are also problems due to those who go into hiding.\” He said that if they want to enter, they have to go from one place to another and complete the process including staying in the holding area and quarantine. According to Thapa, a decision will be taken on the basis of the report only after testing the corona two weeks later. Stating that they will be allowed to go home if the report is negative, he informed that those who are positive will also be taken for treatment.

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