‘Jaipur Literature Festival’ emerging as a mirror of global literature among foreign readers and writers

‘Jaipur Literature Festival’ emerging as a mirror of global literature among foreign readers and writers

Jaipur Literature Festival: Amidst the interference of Europe and North America in Global Literature, foreign readers and writers are looking at the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) organized in India as a mirror in terms of International Literature. According to him, the scope of global literature has become wider with the Jaipur Literature Festival. Swedish journalist and writer Per J Andersen, who has been joining JLF continuously since 2010, said that Europe and North America are more dominant when it comes to global literature. Writers of these countries of the world are mentioned and discussed in the name of Global Literature. Although the Jaipur Literature Festival is truly a mirror of global literature. Because more than 350 writers or authors of 21 Indian and 14 international languages ​​participate here.

According to a PTI report, Anderson, the author of the novel ‘From India to Europe for Love’, said that European literature is west-oriented. However, coming here gives an opportunity to know another part of the geography of literature. ‘From India to Europe for Love’ P.K. It is the story of Mahanandia, who fell in love at first sight with Charlotte von Schedwin, a Swedish tourist in Delhi’s Connaught Place. To achieve this love of hers, Mahanandia traveled by bicycle from India to Sweden. This couple still resides in Sweden. Apart from being a writer and journalist, Andersen is also the co-founder of Sweden’s popular travel magazine ‘Vagaband’. He has been visiting India continuously for the last 30 years.

Motivating festival ‘Jaipur Literature Festival’

Ana, who came from Slovenia, says that the Jaipur Literature Festival is a very motivating festival. Anna has visited India many times to participate in this festival. She says that this is a meeting of ideas in true sense. By coming here, you get an opportunity to know and understand what is happening in the rest of the world regarding literature. Apart from this, we also get a chance to know and listen closely to the problems and culture of those regions of the world. According to him, Jaipur Literature Festival is the biggest literature festival in the world, in which the pulse of global literature is understood. Organized in Jaipur, this year 21 Indian and 14 international languages ​​are participating in the 16th Jaipur Literature Festival and the festival, which started on January 19, will continue till January 23.

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