Jhanvi had to hide in the trunk of the car because of this, the actress said – she followed me on the bike..

Jhanvi had to hide in the trunk of the car because of this, the actress said – she followed me on the bike..

Janhvi Kapoor Shocking Revelation: Janhvi Kapoor’s name is included in the glamorous actresses of Bollywood. Janhvi started her film career with the year 2018 film ‘Dhadak’. Within a few years, Janhvi proved that she is not only glamorous, but she is equally adept at acting. Recently Janhvi was seen in the film ‘Mili’, in which she won the hearts of people with her brilliant performance. Janhvi may be seen posing and talking with paparazzi today, but there was a time when she was not camera friendly at all. In such a situation, in those days, she used to adopt a strange way of avoiding paps.

This is how the actress used to avoid paparazzi
Janhvi herself revealed this in season 8 of the upcoming show ‘Star vs Food’ on Discovery+. In this episode, Janhvi shared some funny stories related to her life. The actress had also told how many papads she has rolled to avoid paps. Janhvi had told that she was so scared of paparazzi that she used to hide in the trunk of the car to avoid them.

In this show, Janhvi’s friend Namrata Purohit narrated an anecdote related to Janhvi. Namrata told, “One day for some reason she didn’t want anyone in the gym to click her photo. So she told me- Namo, you have to help me, I want them not to see me, no photo of me.” Couldn’t click. Then we sent him out in the car”.

Namrata further added, “When her car went to the other side, the paps followed her. Then she jumped into my car and we got out and then the paps started following us. I felt like I was in Fast and Furious.” I’m in the movie”. To which Janhvi says, “That day I had to go home, not the gym. The paps were literally following us on bikes and we were roaming in the car. I hid myself in the trunk of my car so many times! My There is always a blanket in the car with which I cover myself”. Everyone started laughing at this revelation of Jhanvi.

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