‘Kabaddi 4’ breaks all Nepali and Hindi film records: Good collection in India too

‘Kabaddi 4’ breaks all Nepali and Hindi film records: Good collection in India too

Kathmandu. The popular movie ‘Kabaddi 4’ has broken all records of Nepali films till date. Not only this, it has also broken the record of all Hollywood Bollywood films released in Nepali halls till now.

It has become the highest grossing film at the domestic box office till the third week, earning a gross of Rs 213.7 million. In the third year, the collection of the film seems to have declined.

Kabaddi 4, the highest grossing Nepali film, earned Rs 115.8 million from the Kathmandu Valley and Rs 97.9 million from outside the Kathmandu Valley.

The record-breaking film Bahubali-2 had also earned Rs 180 million in Nepal in two weeks. This record has been surpassed by ‘Kabaddi 4’.

The film has been screened in Indian states other than Sikkim since Friday. Producer and director Rambabu Gurung informed that details have been received that the opening was good in India.

The film has been screened in Nepali hall for the fourth time since Friday. The film is expected to cross the 220 million mark in the fourth weekend. The film surpassed the opening record of ‘Six Paws 3’ at the end of the second year.

While ‘Kabaddi 4’ still ‘holds’ cinema halls in Australia, Japan and some European countries, ‘Cold Man’ has not been screened in those places.

Although ‘Kabaddi 4’ is sold abroad at a net price of Rs 22.1 million, the gross collection is projected to be around Rs 100 million.

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