Leopard emerges in Itahari, terrorizing the public.

Leopard emerges in Itahari, terrorizing the public.

Dharan: A leopard has emerged in the jute bikash of sub-metropolis of Sunsari. A local Laxmi Gelal informed that a leopard was spotted in Jute bikash Toll on Monday morning.

When leopards are not controlled in time, the general public becomes terrorized. Gelal said that the Tolbasi closed the door and stayed at home as they could not control the leopard.

Acting Chief District Officer of Sunsari, Jorasingh Majhi, said that the public has been banned from leaving the house until the leopard is brought under control. He said that police has been mobilized for the security of Itahari residents. The fisherman said that it would take some time to control the leopard as the staff of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary was under examination. Locals public have demanded immediate control of the leopard.

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