‘Like Swati Maliwal, LG should come out on the streets of Delhi at night and see how it is’: AAP

‘Like Swati Maliwal, LG should come out on the streets of Delhi at night and see how it is’: AAP


AAP Vs BJP in Delhi: In the Delhi Assembly on Friday (January 20) too, there was a tussle between the MLAs of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the opposition BJP (BJP). Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goyal raised questions on the BJP MLAs when the House remained uproar.

Goyal said that while the LG obstructs the work of the government, the BJP MLAs create ruckus in the House. He said that the case of the MLA who waved notes in the assembly will be investigated by the ACB.

‘Take to the streets at night like a Maliwal’

Targeting the BJP MLAs, the Delhi Assembly Speaker said that they keep creating ruckus only on their false cases. The LG of Delhi has done the work of stalling the work. The Speaker said, “I would like to suggest that like (LG) Swati Maliwal, she should come out on the streets of Delhi at night and see what is the situation regarding the safety of women and also see that the traffic police-Delhi police work at night. What kind of action does she take at the time of

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The speaker of the assembly further said that

The Assembly Speaker said, “The BJP MLAs are not worried about the Kanjhawala case, they are not even worried about the pending pension of the people.” They are not even worried about the election of the mayor, but they are bent upon creating ruckus.

He said, “MLA Mahendra Goyal kept complaining at his level to ACB and elsewhere, but this matter did not come to my notice earlier. This time he suddenly brought this matter on the floor of the House. Before doing so, he did not even mention it to me. I called him to me and asked that he should have talked to me first so that this issue could be raised under any rule, but his dilemma was big so he raised the matter. Then I asked him all the complaint letters and facts. After this all the necessary documents and facts have been handed over to the ACB. The money that Mahendra Goyal was showing has also been handed over to the ACB. Now this whole matter is being sent to the petition committee.

Assembly Speaker said this regarding the polluted water of Yamuna

BJP MLA was about to raise his voice regarding the polluted water of Yamuna. According to the Assembly Speaker, the water sample has been sent for testing. He has said that appropriate action will be taken in this matter. The chairman said that the report of that sample is yet to come. Necessary action will be taken after the report comes. If there is a fault in the Yamuna water, then action will be taken on the Jal Board and if BJP MLAs have spread false propaganda through this, then strict action will be taken against them as well.

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