Mango is not the king of fruits, these colorful varieties got recognition in the country and the world, got GI tag

Mango is not the king of fruits, these colorful varieties got recognition in the country and the world, got GI tag

Indian Mango: The soil of India really spews gold. The taste of fruits, vegetables and grains grown here is different. Mango cultivation is also done on a large scale. There are crores of mango lovers in India, but there is a great demand for indigenous mangoes in foreign countries as well. Some varieties of mango have history directly linked to India. Due to the merits obtained from the soil and climate of a particular state or region, the government has also given GI tag to these varieties of mangoes. In this article, you will be given information about the top 10 varieties of Indian mangoes and their qualities.

The history of Alphonso mango is associated with Maharashtra. The specialty of this mango is that after ripening, its peel becomes very thin and of yellow-orange shade. This mango grows only in Konkan region. This mango is famous for its texture, lightness and early ripening. Self life of this mango is also good. Its taste has made people from all over the country and the world crazy about it.

Malihabadi Mango
There are a lot of mango eaters and growers in Uttar Pradesh. There is a huge demand for Malihabadi and Rataul mangoes. Malihabadi mangoes are known by the name Dussehri. This mango does not contain fibre, but has a pulp rich in sweetness, by processing which many products are made. The taste of this mango is different due to water being irrigated from Gomti river, although now it is grown in Baghpat apart from Malihabad.

Bhagalpuri Zardalu mango of Bihar has also got GI tag from the Government of India. It is cultivated in Bhagalpur, Banka and Munger. Zardalu mango has a special fragrance because it is born in medium temperature. This yellow-cream colored mango is wonderful in taste as well.

Appemidi mangoes produced in Karnataka have a slightly sour taste. Although this variety of mango grown in the forests of Western Ghats is very delicate, but due to its color, shape and taste, it has made its own special identity among fruits. Appemidi mangoes have been grown since time immemorial in the valleys of rivers Aghanashili, Kumudvati, Kali, Varada, Bedati and Sharavati in Uttara Kannada and Shimoga districts. Many products ranging from pickles are made from appemidi mangoes.

Beganpalli mangoes of Andhra Pradesh, rich in sweet pulp, have also got GI tag. There is no fiber in this mango also, so mango sweets and shakes etc. are made from it. This mango is of oval and oblong texture, whose color is golden yellow. Famous Begumpalle mango season for its shelf life also starts from May-June.

Himampasand, Neelam and Fazli mangoes are grown in West Bengal, most of which are exported to Australia. All these three varieties of mangoes have got GI tag. Fazli mango is very big in size, which also weighs around 700 to 1500 kg. On one hand, the peel of Fazli mango is thick and rough, while its pulp remains sweet and soft. Fibre-rich Fazli mangoes are exported the most to Bahrain.

Famous Khirsapati mango is the pride of West Bengal due to its size. The weight of Khirsapati mango varies between 250 to 340 grams. Oval shaped khirsapati mangoes are yellow and green in colour. The peel of this mango is thick, but it is very sweet and juicy in taste.

Laxman Bhog
Laxman Bhog mango is also included in the list of GI tagged mangoes. This variety of mango is produced in Malda, West Bengal. Golden yellow rang or Laxman bhog mango looks attractive for green shade. Fiber in Laxman Bhog mango is negligible. Its creamy pulp is also full of sweetness.

Fall Saffron
Gir Kesar mango is being cultivated on a large scale in Junagadh, Gujarat. The color of its pulp is like saffron, due to which it has been named Gir Kesar. This mango is famous for its taste, aroma, pulp and sweetness. Along with organoleptic as well as sugar and acidic properties are also present in this mango.

The Department of Posts has also issued a special postal cover on Kesar mangoes produced in Marathwada-Aurangabad region of Maharashtra. Saffron mangoes are in great demand from America to United Kingdom, Japan and Gulf countries. The price of saffron is also very less as compared to Alphonse mango.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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