Massive job cuts in US media, layoffs include CNN, New York Magazine

Massive job cuts in US media, layoffs include CNN, New York Magazine


US Media: At this time the American media is facing difficult times, from CNN to big media houses like Washington Post. CNN, Washington Post have announced layoffs in the company in view of the economic downturn in the coming times. Vox Media, which owns the Vox and The Verge websites as well as the historic New York magazine and its online websites. The company announced on Friday that it would lay off seven percent of its employees.

affecting business and industry.
Along with this, employees will also be laid off in CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Buzzfeed and other outlets. In a memo to employees on Friday, Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff said, “The poor and challenging economic environment has affected our business and industry. Because of this, we have decided to eliminate approximately seven percent of our staff roles across departments.” Difficult decision has been made.”

130 employees fired
It has been said in the memo that the employees expelled from the company will be informed to let go within the next 15 minutes. Explain that Vox Media has fired about 130 employees out of 1,900 employees of the group.

award winning journalist lost her job
Meghan McCarron, an award-winning journalist who has worked for more than 9 years at a food website owned by Vox Media, has been fired from her job. Meghan tweeted on Friday and informed that she is 37 weeks pregnant, during which she has been fired.

news reels

McCarron posted, “My husband and I are so excited to be parents. I really cannot describe the uncertainty we are facing right now.” Journalists who have been fired in the recent past have started looking for new jobs. But many journalists have tweeted to express anger and disappointment towards their colleagues on losing their jobs.

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