Mohammed Shami’s special advice to Umran Malik – Control only one thing, the world…

Mohammed Shami’s special advice to Umran Malik – Control only one thing, the world…


Mohammed Shami advised Umran Malik: In the three ODI series being played between India and New Zealand, the Indian team won two consecutive matches and took an unbeatable 2-0 lead. In the second match played in Raipur, excellent bowling was seen from India. In this, Indian pacer Mohammed Shami took maximum 3 wickets in his name, for which he got the ‘Man of the Match’ award. After this victory, Umran Malik interviewed Mohammed Shami and Shami also gave him special advice.

Umran Malik interviewed his favorite bowler

A small clip of this interview was shared by BCCI with its official Twitter handle. In this video you can see, first of all Umran Malik says that my favorite bowler Mohammed Shami is with me. After this, Umran Malik questions Shami that you are happy all the time in the match, never get nervous. Tell me its secret too?

Answering this question, Shami says, “When we play for the country, you do not have to take pressure on yourself. Trust yourself, your skills. In trouble, you can wander here and there. But if you are happy then there will be further improvement in your skill.

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Shami gave special advice to Umran

After this, Shami wishes Umran all the best for the future that you should do well in future. After this, while giving advice to Umran, he says that it is not easy to play your pace. Just need to work a little bit on line and length, if we can control that we will rule the world.

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