More than Rs 10 million loss to NEA, after 8 hours of rescue from high tension.

More than Rs 10 million loss to NEA, after 8 hours of rescue from high tension.


NUWAKOT: The residents of the area around the high-tension tower of the power transmission line have no need to climb it and no one dares to do so. But at around 11 in the morning on Saturday, the locals saw a strange scene in the high-tension tower in Dhandephedi of Kakani Gaonpalika-7.

Someone was climbing the tower of the transmission line of the 60 MW Trishuli-3A hydropower project. They were not electricity authority or project technicians. The onlookers gathered. Shouted. Screaming – ‘Who is this? Get down. ‘The one who climbed up did not answer, nor did he show any signs of descending. The villagers were scared – ‘Who is this? Get electrocuted. ‘

The hydropower project and the police were called in a hurry. The project cut the line due to the news on the spot, so the immediate risk decreased, another Mahabharata started to unload him. A police team from Dhikure police station came nearby and shouted at the police. But the man who reached the wire from the tower did not return. Putting his feet on the lower wire and holding the upper wire, he kept moving forward. After all this, the police and the locals became even more alarmed. How to save now?

Despite the crowd of locals, the man was identified as Myla Vik, 43, of Ghalegaun, Belkot Municipality-13. There was a crowd under the tower like a fair all day long. Photographers and videographers posted on social media. But no one dared to climb up to take him down, there was also a fear that he would move further when someone went upstairs. Finally, the Nepal Army was informed. The army took a rescue helicopter.

He had climbed the Myla Tower at 11 in the morning and was upstairs for seven and a half hours. At 6:50 pm, an army team dropped him off. Chief District Officer of Nuwakot Narayan Prasad Risal said that Myla was rescued safely. He said that he was not sure about his mental condition. According to Kakani Village Municipality Chairman Suman Tamang, he has been handed over to the police.

The power supply system of the country was disrupted when the power supply of Trishuli-Kathmandu 220 KV double circuit transmission line in Nuwakot was cut off for about eight hours. The power generation of Trishuli-3A and other small projects connected to the Trishuli-Kathmandu transmission line was also stopped after receiving information that people had boarded the transmission line. About 65 MW of electricity was disrupted till 8 pm. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has stated that there is a loss of around Rs 1 million per hour after the power supply was cut off. “Power generation of Upper Trishuli-3A and other projects as small as 5 MW has been stopped for the day, so we estimate that NEA has incurred a loss of over 10 million rupees,” said NEA spokesperson Suresh Bhattarai. And we sent electricity at a much lower capacity. Electricity was also brought from India to meet the demand. ‘

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