Moscow expelled the Ambassador of Estonia, the Russian Foreign Ministry gave this reason

Moscow expelled the Ambassador of Estonia, the Russian Foreign Ministry gave this reason


Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues for the 332nd day. Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Monday (January 23) expelled the ambassador of Estonia. Accusing Russia of Russophobia, the ambassador of Estonia, who was once a part of the Soviet Union, was asked to leave the country by 6 February.

In this statement given to Moscow, it has been said that from now on the diplomatic representation of Estonia will be downgraded along with the mission of the European Union countries in Moscow. The Foreign Ministry said that following Estonia’s decision to reduce the number of members in the Russian Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia, Russia has decided to expel their ambassador from the country.

What did the Foreign Ministry of Estonia say?
The Foreign Ministry of Estonia passed an order earlier this month to keep a certain number of employees in the Embassy of Russia in Estonia. He ordered the total number of staff at the embassy to be reduced to 8, and the number of administrative and technical staff members to 15.

Estonia drastically downgraded its bilateral relations with Moscow after sending its army to Russia. Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Rinsalu said in a statement on January 11 that we have set limits on Russian diplomats.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Monday saying that Estonia deliberately wants to end its relations with Russia. Russia alleged that the government of Estonia is promoting Russophobia by coming to the policy level. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that

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