Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi: Who is ahead in terms of followers, likes and retweets?

Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi: Who is ahead in terms of followers, likes and retweets?


PM Modi And Rahul Gandhi Twitter: Social media plays a very important role in Indian politics. Almost all parties and leaders have social media handles and they keep in touch with the people. In today’s time, politics seems incomplete without social media. On the other hand, if we talk about the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, then both are very active on Twitter.

‘Social Blade’ has done an analysis regarding the Twitter activity of Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi. This shows that Rahul Gandhi is far behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi in terms of number of followers and posts, but he is getting twice as many likes and retweets as compared to Modi.

Rahul Gandhi behind in tweets

Prime Minister Modi has tweeted 35,200 since both joined Twitter. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted only 6,700. While the analysis of the last 2200 posts shows that Modi tweets 10 tweets daily while Rahul only tweets 2.

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Rahul Gandhi’s sting in like and retweet

Now let’s talk about average likes. In this matter, Rahul Gandhi has left Prime Minister Narendra Modi far behind. Since joining, PM Modi has received an average of 21,919 daily likes. Whereas Rahul Gandhi has 41,260 likes. Even in the matter of retweets, Rahul Gandhi is ahead. PM Modi got 4,299 average retweets, while Rahul Gandhi got 9,941.

PM Modi’s followers are much more than Rahul’s

Now let’s talk about followers. Prime Minister in this case Narendra Modi Has left Rahul Gandhi far behind. PM Modi has 84.9 million followers on Twitter while Rahul Gandhi has 22.6 million. However, since ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, the number of followers of Rahul Gandhi has increased considerably. At the same time, the number of followers of the Prime Minister has decreased.

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