Natural Farming: Now farmers should get free registration for natural farming, see more benefits

Natural Farming: Now farmers should get free registration for natural farming, see more benefits

Natural Farming Benefits: The soil is losing its fertility due to the increasing use of chemicals in agriculture. With the increasing consumption of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the production of crops is also decreasing year by year. Due to this, soil organisms that increase crop production are also destroyed. The solution to all these problems has been found in the form of natural farming. Natural farming is also known as zero budget farming or cow based farming, because in this farming manure made from cow dung and cow urine based pesticides are used instead of chemicals. Cow rearing farmers do not have to spend anything for natural farming.

Indigenous seeds are used in this farming, which are saved from the previous crop. That’s why scientists and the government are also promoting natural farming which reduces the cost of crop production.

Farmers are being given training to grow crops through natural farming, as well as technical knowledge is being given to farmers for processing, value addition and marketing of natural farming produce. Free registration facility has also been given to the farmers of Madhya Pradesh.

How to register
If you are also a farmer of Madhya Pradesh and want to join zero budget natural farming, then the official site of Madhya Pradesh Natural Farming Board You can register online.

If farmers want, they can also register with the help of E-Mitra Center or CSC Center. Registration window has been given on the home page of this website, where farmers can easily register themselves by filling their details.

Registration is open till 31st May
The largest area in the country is being covered by natural farming in Andhra Pradesh, but now the farmers of Madhya Pradesh are showing interest in natural farming. More than 31,000 farmers have got themselves registered for natural farming in the state.

As per the instructions of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh, from now on natural farming has been made mandatory in agricultural universities. Natural farming is being promoted within a radius of 5 km from the banks of the Narmada river.

grant for natural farming
According to media reports, cow rearing is also being promoted for natural farming in Madhya Pradesh. There is also a provision of grant of Rs 900 every month as an incentive to the farmers. Let us tell you that for natural farming, manure, fertilizers and pesticides like Jeevamrit, Bijamrit, Ghanamrit, Panchamrit and Neemastra are made from cow dung and cow urine, which not only improve the structure of the soil, but also increase the production of the soil. B helps in increasing the number of organisms. Experts say that if natural farming is done continuously, it will help in increasing the productivity of crops and also in the promotion of indigenous varieties.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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