Navroz 2023: This is how Google wished Parsi’s new year, made a doodle of spring

Navroz 2023: This is how Google wished Parsi’s new year, made a doodle of spring


Nowruz 2023 Google Doodle: The world’s largest search engine Google is celebrating ‘Nowruz 2023’ with an animated doodle today (March 21). ‘Navroj’ is actually called the beginning of the new year of the Parsi community. Through a doodle prepared on Parsi New Year, Google has greeted the Parsi community on ‘Navroz’.

In this Google doodle, spring flowers – orchids, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, Ophrys apifera and bees can be seen. Which means that it has been shown as the theme of spring season. Navroz is a symbol of faith for the Parsi community. ‘Navroj’ is made up of two Persian words Nav and Roz, which means new day.
Giving more details about the day, Google wrote that the United Nations recognizes Nowruz as an international holiday, as the Middle East, the South Caucasus, the Black Sea basin and much of northern, western, central and south Asia- Families celebrate this day happily.

The history of ‘Navroz’ is 3000 years old
‘Navroz’ is being celebrated by the people of the community since ages. This day is important for the Parsi community as the first day of New Year i.e. New Year. It is said that the people of this community have been celebrating this festival for 3000 years.

King Jamshed of Persia started the Persian calendar
This festival is celebrated in the memory of King Jamshed of Persia. Actually, King Jamshed had established the Parsi calendar. King Jamshed was the great king who introduced solar calculations in the Parsi calendar. In such a situation, Parsi people worship King Jamshed on this day and after that they wish each other a happy new year.

Rangoli is made outside homes, dishes are eaten
Being one of the oldest festivals still celebrated, Nowruz marks the beginning of the new year in Iran’s official solar Hijri calendar. On this day people of the Parsi community wear new clothes and go to the Fire Temple, the place of worship. On this day people make Rangoli outside the houses, and dishes are made in the house.

The Parsi community has 360 days in a year.
Apart from Navroz, an interesting thing about the Parsi calendar is that it has only 360 days in a year, while according to the English calendar, there are 365 days in a year. The last 5 days are considered as saga. During this, Parsi people remember their ancestors. By the way, the Parsi community comes in the minority community in the world. But wherever these people live, they are keeping their traditions alive.

People of Parsi community are settled in these countries
People of the Zoroastrian community are found in abundance in countries such as Iran (formerly known as Persia), Afghanistan and Iraq, Turkey and the Kurdish regions of Syria. They have their residence in many places in India too. Apart from this, he also lives in America.

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