Netflix’s new CEO said this about password sharing

Netflix’s new CEO said this about password sharing


Netflix: To increase revenue and customers, Netflix has recently introduced an ad supported subscription plan. Not only this, Netflix has also abolished password sharing in many places. Former Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed last year that the option to share passwords would be phased out for everyone. Now new CEOs Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos have told that Netflix password sharing will soon be abolished for all users. This clearly shows that all Indians will soon have to pay to use the platform.

Netflix’s new CEO said this

According to the report, the new CEO said that many users who do not pay for Netflix but use the platform will soon have to pay to watch content. However, Peters revealed that even after controlled password sharing, the streaming platform will not compromise on the consumer experience. He has also emphasized that many customers will be unhappy after password sharing is limited globally, but the CEO wants to increase its customer base to 15-20 million with countries like India. Peters said he wants all users on his platform who don’t currently pay to use Netflix.

Password sharing cost

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Let those who do not know know that Netflix is ​​testing to prevent password sharing in some countries. In these countries, Netflix is ​​charging $3 (roughly Rs. 250) from people who are using their friend’s Netflix account to watch their content. The streaming platform hasn’t revealed how much it will cost per user in India, but it is expected to be at par with global pricing. According to the latest report, Netflix will end password sharing in India along with other countries from March 2023

How to identify those who watch Netflix for free?

Streaming platform Netflix had told that Netflix will implement the new password sharing rule through IP address, device ID and account activity. In this way, the streaming platform will be able to identify users who are out of one’s home and want to watch Netflix content for free.

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