‘No checklist’, while talking about marriage plans, Rahul Gandhi said – just such a life partner is needed

‘No checklist’, while talking about marriage plans, Rahul Gandhi said – just such a life partner is needed


Rahul Gandhi On Marriage: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is currently leading the Bharat Jodo Yatra. During this visit, a different style of Congress MP has been seen. Now Congress has shared a video of Rahul Gandhi’s funny conversation with travel and food channel CurlyTales during Bharat Jodo Yatra in Rajasthan on Sunday (January 22). In this video, Rahul Gandhi talked about his diet, workout, favorite dish and marriage.

He said that he is facing a lot of pressure from his partymen to shave off his beard. On the marriage plan, Rahul Gandhi said that he is not against marriage. Rahul Gandhi said, “My bar is very high because my parents had a very lovely marriage. There is no checklist but just a loving life partner who is intelligent.”

What is the diet of Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi said that he has always been into physical activity in some form or the other. Apart from martial arts, he also knows diving. He said that he is regularly taking martial arts classes even while traveling. On his diet, he said that he avoids carbohydrates, but if he has to eat rice or roti, he would prefer roti. As a non-veg, her favorite dishes are chicken tikka, seekh kebabs and a plain omelette.

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Rahul Gandhi’s favorite place to eat?

He said that he likes a cup of coffee in the morning. The Congress leader said that his favorite place to eat is Old Delhi. His favorite restaurants are Moti Mahal, Sagar, Swagat, Saravana Bhawan. Rahul Gandhi said that he has basically nothing near his bed, but in the drawer he keeps his passport, documents, wallet, phone including religious things like Rudraksh.

If he becomes prime minister he will do 3 things

Rahul Gandhi said that if he becomes the Prime Minister, he will change the education system, help medium-scale businesses and stand with people going through difficult times, including farmers and unemployed youth.

How much was Rahul Gandhi’s first salary?

Talking about his first job, Rahul Gandhi said that my first salary was around 3,000 pounds. It was for a consulting company in London called the Monitor Company. Rahul Gandhi said, “My first salary at that time was a lot, it felt strange. It went into rent and things like that. I was 25 years old then.”

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