Not only KS Bhagwan, these 5 big faces have also made indecent remarks about Lord Ram

Not only KS Bhagwan, these 5 big faces have also made indecent remarks about Lord Ram

Kannada Writer KS Bhagwan On Lord Rama: Famous Kannada writer KS Bhagwan has given a controversial statement about Lord Rama. Citing Valmiki Ramayana, he said that Lord Ram used to sit down to drink alcohol with his wife Sita from noon itself. He said that Ram cannot be ideal.

According to ANI report, KS Bhagwan said “There is talk of building Ram Rajya. If one studies Uttarakand of Valmiki Ramayana, it will be clear that Ram was not ideal. He (Ram) lived not for 11 thousand years but Reigned only for 11 years.” KS Bhagwan further said, Ram used to sit with Sita in the afternoon and drink wine throughout the day. He sent his Sita to the forest and did not care for her. He cut off the head of a Shudra Shambu who was doing penance under a tree. How can he be ideal?

have already given statements

This is not the first time that KS Bhagwan has made controversial remarks on Lord Ram. In 2019 too, he had made a similar claim that Lord Ram used to get intoxicated and used to make Sita drink too. But KS Bhagwan is not the only one who has made controversial remarks on Lord Ram. Many people have made such comments in the recent times.

Bihar education minister’s statement

Recently, there was a lot of uproar over a statement by Bihar’s Education Minister Chandrashekhar. Chandrashekhar, RJD leader and education minister in the Nitish government, had called Tulsidas’s Ramcharit Manas a book of hatred in a function organized at Nalanda University. He said that Manusmriti in one time, Ramcharitmanas in another and Guru Golwalkar’s Bunch of Thoughts in the third period are texts that spread fear. He was fiercely targeted for telling Ramcharit Manas to spread hatred.

Sanjay Nishad

Another indecent comment about Lord Ram came from Sanjay Nishad, the head of the Nishad party in UP. Speaking about Lord Ram, Sanjay Nishad said that he was not the son of King Dashrath at all. Nishad said that Lord Rama was not the real son of King Dasaratha. He was the son of Shringi Rishi who performed the Yagya. He can be called the alleged son of Dasaratha.

dashrath manjhi

Last year itself, former Chief Minister of Bihar Dashrath Manjhi had commented on Lord Ram that he was not God. Manjhi said that Ram was only a character of Valmiki Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas. He said that he does not believe in him as God.

Manishankar Iyer

Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s name is also among those who gave controversial statements on Lord Ram. In a program in 2019, Mani Shankar Aiyar had said that people say that the temple will be built there. Go make it but where will you make it. Dasaratha was a great king. There were 10 thousand rooms in his palace. How will it be known where Lord Ram was born?

Gulabchand Kataria

Among those who gave controversial statements on Lord Ram, not only Congress or other parties, there are also leaders of BJP. Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan Gulabchand Kataria had said that Ravana did not commit any big sin that he went away with Sita ji. He went with Sita ji but he never touched her without her consent. Before this, Gulabchand Kataria has said that if BJP was not there, Lord Ram would have been in the sea.

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