Now the reality is that Indian channels are banned in Nepal

Now the reality is that Indian channels are banned in Nepal

The Government of Nepal has also shown interest in the news and comments made by the Indian media about the Government of Nepal and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in recent days.

Prime Minister KP Oli\’s press advisor Surya Thapa has written on Facebook expressing regret over the Indian media. Thapa has remarked that the Indian media is doing \’other things\’ instead of journalism. Thapa also protested against the Indian media, saying that it was wrong, misleading and disrespectful.

\”The intent of some Indian media outlets to misrepresent, misleading and disrespectful communication is understandable,\” he wrote. He is doing nothing but journalism. For 30 million Nepalis, such baseless communication has no meaning. Instead, for responsible journalism, such communication is a matter of shame in itself. \’

Thapa made such remarks on Thursday. Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada, who is in charge of the communications ministry, also expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the Indian media and responded that legal and political remedies would be sought. He also said that the government would condemn the practice of Indian media.

While announcing the government\’s decision on Thursday, Minister Khatiwada said that legal remedy would be sought against the Indian media. After the Nepali government released new maps including Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani, even the mainstream media in India have started commenting on the KP Oli-led government.

Recently, some Indian media outlets have been exaggerating the news of the Chinese ambassador\’s meeting with Nepal\’s Prime Minister and other leaders. In Kathmandu, social media users have started expressing sarcasm and anger over the activities of such media in India.


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