Now there will be no indiscriminate cutting of forests for wood, ‘cow wood’ made of cow dung has come in the market

Now there will be no indiscriminate cutting of forests for wood, ‘cow wood’ made of cow dung has come in the market

Agri Business Idea: As long as there is greenery on the land, the life of every human being is safe, but the continuous deforestation has put the existence of the earth in worry. A solution has been found to deal with this problem. Cow dung wood is being made in many areas of the country, which is being seen as a better alternative to wood. This wood is made of sacred cow dung, which does not take much time to prepare. The good thing is that this wood made from cow dung is very cheap and emits less smoke than ordinary wood, due to which there is no harm to the environment.

The wood of the tree does not burn when it gets wet in the rain. In such a situation, cowwood wood catches fire quickly and creates heat in the atmosphere. If you are a farmer or animal husbandry, then the business of making cow wood can prove to be a profitable deal for you. Today cowwood wood is being used on a large scale in Yagya, Havan, funeral rites and also in cooking.

Why is it important 
According to a survey, 5 crore trees are cut every year to burn dead bodies. About a third of the country’s wood is consumed in funerals, for which a large amount of forests are cut. This is creating a new crisis for the environment.

Soil erosion, overflowing rivers, environmental pollution etc. are the result of deforestation. To put an end to these crises, focus has to be on planting trees, but promoting cow wood can also prove to be a strong step.

How cow wood is beneficial 
Today, dependence on natural gas, petrol and coal is increasing for domestic and industrial needs. If we are looking for alternative sources of energy, then solar energy is in a lot of discussion these days, but today cow dung is also emerging as a good alternative to fuel wood.

For example, about 2 trees are cut to produce 500 kg of wood, which costs Rs 4000, while 500 kg of cow wood is prepared for only Rs 300. A village where agriculture and animal husbandry are practiced on a large scale.

There is also a large amount of cow dung here. In such a situation cow dung made from cow dung will not only help in increasing the income of farmers and animal herders, but will also generate employment and means of income in the village.

What is cow dung
You must be aware that even today in the village, cow dung is made from cow dung in a traditional way, which is used for cooking and other works. Slowly cooking gas is reaching the villages as well, due to which the use of condos is less. In this case cow dung is made into wood by molding it into wood and value addition is done.

How is cow wood made
In today’s modern era, almost all the work is being done by technology and machines. Cow wood business is also flourishing in many states. Many farmers, cattle herders, Gaushalas are making cow wood by hand while some people have installed electric machines to modernize the business of cow wood.

Dung is put in these machines, after which 4 to 5 feet long wood comes out. Cowwood is ready after drying for 5 to 6 days. According to an estimate, 1 quintal cow dung can be made from 1 quintal cow dung.

If lacmud is also mixed with cow dung, it can be made flammable for a long time. About 10 quintals of cow dung can be made in a day with modern machines, which is sold in the market at Rs.7 per kg.

Where can cow wood be used
The supply of wood in the market has reduced drastically. In such a situation, if you want, you can start the business of making cow wood. There is good profit potential in this business. Especially farmers, cattle herders and gaushalas can earn good income by making cow wood.

This wood can be used in the crematorium from the last rites to religious events like Holika, Dahan, Yagya, Havan. Nowadays, the work of cooking food from cow wood is also going on in the village. It does not emit much smoke, due to which the possibility of pollution is also less, so people are also moving towards cow wood.

Gaukashtha being made in Madhya Pradesh
According to the 19th Animal Census, there are a total of 196 lakh cattle in Madhya Pradesh, in which the number of indigenous breeds is one crore 87 lakh 61 thousand 389. There are 8 lakh 40 thousand 977 mixed breed cattle.

12.41% of India’s total indigenous cow dynasty is present in Madhya Pradesh, therefore cow based natural farming and cow wood business is being promoted a lot in Madhya Pradesh. In this matter, the Madhya Pradesh Animal Husbandry and Animal Promotion Board has also promoted the construction of cow wood in the cowshed.

Today the Gaushalas of Madhya Pradesh are earning good income by making cow wood. In Chhattisgarh too, work is going on in Gothans on this model. This business is completely in the interest of environmental protection, so there will be a great demand for it in the coming times.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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