On the meeting of the Russian President with the Chinese President, America said- ‘This is a marriage of convenience’

On the meeting of the Russian President with the Chinese President, America said- ‘This is a marriage of convenience’

US On Xi Jinping and Putin Meeting: Chinese President Xi Jinping, who arrived in Moscow amid Russia-Ukraine military conflict, met Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both of them had an official meeting on Tuesday evening, during which ballads of Russia-China friendship were read from both the sides. At the same time, the reaction of America has come on the meeting of the two heads of state. It was said from the US side, ‘There was a marriage of convenience between them’.

US-based White House senior official John Kirby said that President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Russia see a counterweight to US and NATO influence in the world. The statement by John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications at the White House, came as Putin hosted the Chinese leader.

‘Russia-China are getting closer to each other over the years’
John Kirby told reporters, “I think you’ve seen over the years that these two countries are coming closer to each other. I wouldn’t call it an alliance of two countries, yes… (this) facility- It is a marriage of convenience. Both of them (Russia-China) see themselves as reducing US influence and NATO influence around the world.” He said that it is absolutely ‘marriage of convention’.

Putin doesn’t have many friends on the international stage
John Kirby said, “Russia’s President Putin sees in China’s President Xi, a potential ally. This is a man who doesn’t have many friends on the international stage. He really needs a friend and that’s in President Xi.” Xi’s support is needed.”

‘Russia must withdraw from all areas inside Ukraine’
Referring to the joint statement after the Putin-Xi meeting, Kirby said the two sides just said on Ukraine, the purposes and principles of the UN Charter must be followed and international law must be respected. He said, “Well, we agree with his statement. Following the UN Charter would mean that Russia should withdraw from all territory inside Ukraine, I mean to leave the territory of a UN member state.” which it has invaded.,” he said, adding that the UN Charter establishes the principles of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine.

A day before this, Kirby had said that Russia is now China’s junior partner. He said this when he was asked, “Do you see Russia as a client state of China at this point?” So Kirby said, “I would say that within the exclusive bilateral relationship, they’re definitely junior partners..”

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