Processing of coarse grains is also encouraged, this scheme gives a grant of 50 lakhs, you also take advantage

Processing of coarse grains is also encouraged, this scheme gives a grant of 50 lakhs, you also take advantage

Agri Business: year 2023 The whole world is celebrating as the International Year of Nutritious Cereals. The main objective of this event is to increase the production of coarse grains and reach them to the plates of the people. With this goal, food processing of millet is being promoted. Along with the central as well as the state governments are also encouraging start up, business and processing units of millet. All food products are made from coarse grains in these units. It is not easy for many people to consume coarse grains directly, but it becomes easy to take snacks made of millets in the diet.

This is the easiest way to increase the consumption of millets, hence the processing of millets is being promoted. In this episode, the Rajasthan government has also started the Rajasthan Millet Promotion Scheme, under which there is a provision of 25 to 50% subsidy.

Grant for Millet Processing
Under the Rajasthan Millets Promotion Mission, 100 processing units in Rajasthan will be given a grant of 50% of the cost i.e. a maximum of Rs 40 lakh. Apart from these, the remaining processing units are to get 25% subsidy i.e. Rs 50 lakh on the total cost. If you also make products of millets or are planning to set up its processing unit, then You can apply by visiting.

What is Millet Promotion Scheme
Under the Rajasthan Government’s Millet Promotion Scheme, there is a plan to develop the state as a millet hub through the promotion and processing of millet, jowar and other small grains in the state. Under this scheme, there is a plan to benefit 15 lakh farmers in the coming years by spending Rs 100 crore.

Out of this, there is a provision to provide free mini kits of improved varieties of seeds to 10 lakh small and marginal farmers at a cost of Rs. 25 crores and kits of micronutrients and pesticides to 2 lakh farmers at a cost of Rs. 20 crores. Under this scheme, there is a provision of grant of Rs 40 crore for the first 100 processing units.

2 crore grant for cumin and isabgol
According to the latest notification of the Rajasthan government, under the Rajasthan Food Processing Mission, there is a provision of 50% grant or a maximum of Rs 2 crore on the total cost to 100 export based processing units of Zero and Isabgol in Jodhpur division.

In addition, processing units for garlic at Pratapgarh, Chittorgarh, Kota and Waran, pomegranate at Barmer and Jalore, orange at Jhalawar, tomato and gooseberry at Jaipur, mustard at Alwar, Bharatpur, Dhaulpur, Karauli and Sawai Madhopur have been set up. There is a plan to give 50% subsidy or a maximum grant of Rs 2 crore for

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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