Ruckus across the border from Dhirendra Shastri’s ‘Sanatani’ court?  Why did Pakistan get chili after all?

Ruckus across the border from Dhirendra Shastri’s ‘Sanatani’ court? Why did Pakistan get chili after all?

Bageshwar Dham Row: The miracle written by Mahant Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham has kept the whole country by surprise. Baba writes people’s problems on a paper even before they speak and also tells them the solution to their problems. This is the reason that people blindly trust him, but among all these there are many people who call him a fraud and a hypocrite.

Even though no disclosure has been made about Baba’s alleged miracles, but there are people in Pakistan who are surprised to see Baba’s miracles. The hardcore gang across the border is super active on the miracles of Baba Dhirendra Shastri, while there are many people who consider Baba to be perfect. Now the question arises that why Baba’s divine power is troubling Pakistan. Let us tell you the reason behind this.

Why Pakistan has a problem with miracles

Actually, people from Pakistan also come to Baba’s court. When a woman from Pakistan’s Sindh came under Baba’s shelter, Baba revealed many secrets related to her, due to which Pakistan felt badly. Baba’s sermons are also heard in Pakistan. His discussion is here because many devotees of Baba prefer to listen to Baba Shastri’s discourse instead of listening to the arguments of Molanas by flouting the rules of the fanatical Jamaat.

Claims to cast off ghosts

In fact, the Baba of Bageshwar Dham claims to know the mind of the devotees who come to his gathering and also claims to tell their solution. They also claim to cast out evil spirits riding on people. There has been an uproar across the country regarding these claims of his. Many people have raised questions on him. It has also been described as just a trick.

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