Russia gave Sukhoi-25 jet plane and machine gun loaded helicopter to Mali

Russia gave Sukhoi-25 jet plane and machine gun loaded helicopter to Mali

Russia Provide Sukhoi-25: Russia has given a war plane and helicopter to the African country Mali on Thursday (January 19). According to FP’s report, Russia gave eight Sukhoi-25 jet planes and two helicopters. Mali is Russia’s new political ally and military country. Russia has also given Albatros L-39 planes to Mali. During this, a program was also organized, in which Russian Ambassador Igor Gromyko and Colonel Asimi Goita, head of the Mali Junta, were involved.

The L-39 given by Russia will be used for training and attack. Mali has also been given a Soviet-designed MI-8 transport helicopter. This helicopter will not only be used to transport soldiers from one place to another, but can also be used to attack with machine guns.

bought all weapons

The officials of the African country Mali did not give information about how many weapons Russia has given them so far. Although he has claimed that he has bought all these weapons. This month, Mali has got a new stock of weapons, before this, in March and August 2022 also, Mali had received weapons from Russia.

Army government is ruling

At present, the country of Mali situated in the west of South Africa is struggling with the Jihadis. Apart from this, political and humanitarian problems are going on in the country since 2012. There was a coup in the country in the year 2020, after which the army government is still ruling there.

During this, the country broke its friendship with France, after which Russia replaced France. Then Russia has started continuously giving arms stockpile to Mali. Many sources had informed that in the year 2021, Mali is preparing to call Wagner Paramilitary of Russia. Many countries had criticized this decision of Mali.

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