Russian President Putin will meet Xi Jinping today after visiting Mariupol

Russian President Putin will meet Xi Jinping today after visiting Mariupol


Xi Jinping Visits Russia: Chinese President Xi Jinping is about to visit Russia. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement informing that Russia and China are fighting common threats. He welcomed Xi Jinping.

According to the report of the People’s Daily Newspaper, the Russian President termed Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia as a historic event. He said that this shows the partnership between Russia and China.

High hopes for the tour from China
Recently, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Chinese President Xi Jinping is going on a tour of Russia on Monday (March 20). This is the first time after Putin’s arrest warrant, when a foreign leader is going on a tour of Russia.

Justice ministers from more than 40 countries, including Britain’s Dominic Raab, will be in London to support an investigation into Putin for alleged war crimes, including the kidnapping of children. Let us tell you that only yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin went on a visit to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, after which he said that we have high hopes for the visit from China.

Comprehensive strategic cooperation in reality
Vladimir Putin addressed China as a good old friend. He said that we always focus on strengthening our relations with China. Our relations with China are getting stronger and are now at the highest level in history. Putin further said that we have reached an unprecedented level in political dialogue.

Our strategic cooperation has really expanded. On the other hand, regarding Jinping’s visit to Russia, China’s Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday (March 17) that the Chinese President was invited by Putin himself.

According to Russian media, Putin will have a face-to-face meeting with Jinping on Monday before holding talks with Jinping on Tuesday (March 21) and giving a statement to the media.

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