Sheetala Puja 2023: When is the Sheetala Shashthi fast?  Know date, auspicious time and method of worship

Sheetala Puja 2023: When is the Sheetala Shashthi fast? Know date, auspicious time and method of worship


Sheetal Puja 2023: The worship of Sheetla Mata has special importance in Hinduism. Sheetla Shashthi fast is observed on the Shashthi date of Shukla Paksha of Magh month. Women observe this fast for the long life and good health of their children. Mother Sheetla should be duly worshiped on this day.

It is believed that it gives coolness to the mind and removes stress from life. On this day cold food is offered to Sheetla Devi as prasad and then fasting is observed. Let us know the date, auspicious time and importance of Sheetla Shashthi fast.

Sheetla Shashti 2023 Date

According to the Panchang, this year the fast of Sheetla Shashthi will be observed on 27 January 2023. Sheetla Mata has a special place among thirty three crore deities. By observing the Sheetla Shashti fast, the Goddess is pleased and all the defects caused by Sheetla are removed from the family of the fasting person.

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Sheetla Shashti 2023 Muhurat

  • Brahma Muhurta – 05:29 am – 06:22 am
  • Abhijit Muhurta – 12:18 PM – 01:01 PM

Sheetala Shashti Significance

According to mythological belief, Sheetla Shashthi fast is considered very important for getting a child. Due to the effect of this fast, the home of the childless couple echoes quickly and good luck is attained. Sheetla Shashthi fast liberates the seeker from physical and divine heat. With the blessings of Goddess Sheetla, one gets freedom from diseases and disorders. Serious diseases like smallpox are over.

Sheetala Shashti Puja Vidhi

  • On the day of Sheetla Shashthi fast, get up before sunrise and take bath with cold water. On this day Vrati should not use hot things.
  • Take a vow of fasting after bath and then worship Goddess Sheetla early in the morning in the temple.
  • Offer water to the idol of Goddess Sheetla and chant this mantra – ‘Shri Shitalayai Namah, Ihagachch Iha Tishtha’
  • Offer Molly, sandalwood, Akshat, clothes, flowers, etc. to Mata Sheetla. Sheetalashtak stotra should be recited
  • Then listen to the story of Sheetla Devi and offer the cold bhog prepared for worship the night before to the goddess.

Sheetla Shashti Puja Rules

  • Keep in mind on the day of Sheetla Shashti that do not consume hot food items even by mistake. Don’t even take a bath with hot water. Season on Sheetla Shashti
  • The stove is not lit in the house on the day of Sheetla Shashti. Prepare all the food like halwa, gulgule, pue, rice, rewdi etc. the night before.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.


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