Shock to Imran Khan’s party, 35 more MPs lose membership, Speaker accepts resignations

Shock to Imran Khan’s party, 35 more MPs lose membership, Speaker accepts resignations


Pakistan Political Crisis: The difficulties of former Prime Minister Imran Khan are not taking the name of abatement. This time the resignations of 35 more MPs of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party have been accepted by the Speaker. After this, his membership in the Parliament has now ended. Earlier, 123 PTI MPs had decided to resign immediately after Imran Khan was removed from the post of Prime Minister through a trust vote in April last year.

Senior PTI leader Asad Qaiser said the party’s MPs wanted to meet the chairman personally to submit and verify their resignations but were not given a chance. He has called it unethical and illegal. Shahbaz got the command of the country only after Imran stepped down from power. Recently, Imran had given a statement that Shahbaz will have to give his test in the trust vote. At the same time, the party says that this step is just a way to postpone the elections.

Speaker Ashraf clarified

National Assembly Speaker Raja Parvez Ashraf has defended his decision. He says that PTI MPs told him that the resignation was his own voluntary decision. He has not resigned under any pressure. He told that a total of 81 MPs have lost membership so far after 11 more resignations were accepted in July last year. Earlier on Tuesday, the resignations of 34 members were accepted.

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Shahbaz proved his faith

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P), a member of Shehbaz’s coalition government, had threatened to quit. anymore Imran Khan Had said that Shahbaz will also have to prove his ability. According to Imran, the coalition government in Punjab bravely faced the trust vote and saved the government.

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