Sitting not only affects the back but also the memory, know how long it is necessary to stand

Sitting not only affects the back but also the memory, know how long it is necessary to stand


Long Sitting Side Effects And Their Prevention: It is compulsion to sit for hours in office work. Some people sit to work once and then remain frozen for hours. Due to this long sitting habit, shoulder and back pain starts. This is a common problem, but do you know that long sitting gives you as much trouble physically as it does mentally. New York’s Global Wellbeing Lead has done a research related to this. Shocking facts related to long sitting have emerged in the research itself. Not one but many disadvantages of sitting. Not only does this affect the spinal cord, there is also a fear of memory loss. Know how long to sit right.

these are disadvantages

Maillard Howell, Global Wellbeing Lead, told in this regard that it is necessary to stand for at least three hours. By standing, the level of blood sugar also remains low. Stress is less. There is less fatigue of back and shoulder. Apart from this, neural aging is less. Because, standing reduces the fear of deterioration of the temporal lobe. This part of the brain stores memory. By standing, the blood circulation from head to toe also remains fine.

what should be done?

It is compulsion to do office work sitting at one place. But who has stopped you from taking a small break. Sit at one place and do the work diligently. But, do not forget to get up from your place for two minutes every half an hour. By doing this, the circulation of blood starts again properly and the energy to work increases by reducing the fatigue of the whole body.

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