So has Jeff Bezos made up his mind to sell the Washington Post newspaper and buy this football team?

So has Jeff Bezos made up his mind to sell the Washington Post newspaper and buy this football team?


Jeff Bezos may sell the Washington Post: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may sell the American newspaper The Washington Post to buy the Washington Commanders football team. The New York Post has claimed this in one of its reports.

According to the report, if a source having strong knowledge of the matter is to be believed, the Washington Post is ready to be sold. Jeff Bezos has made up his mind to buy the football team Washington Commanders and sell the American newspaper Washington Post. However, contrary to these claims, Bezos has denied this outright. Its spokesman says that the newspaper will not be sold.

Significantly, in 2013, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, owned the Washington Post. He bought The Washington Post for a total of US $ 250 million. Now media reports are claiming that Bezos is in contact with its owner Dan Snyder to buy the Washington Commanders. The Commanders have won three Super Bowls, lifting the Lombardi Trophy in 1983, 1988 and 1992.

Have already expressed football love

news reels

Earlier, Bezos had clarified that owning a newspaper was never his goal. Bezos bought the newspaper from its former owner Donald Graham in 2013 to ensure financial stability and encourage online expansion. Apart from this, Bezos has many times described football as his favorite sport in public forums. Although he never talked about adding the National Football League (NFL) team to his business. But his love for football suggests that he might buy the Washington Commanders.

loss making newspaper

Talking about the newspaper, Bezos had to bear losses due to this last year. Although before this the Washington Post made huge profits. But in the year 2022, due to the decrease in the circulation of the newspaper, it had to bear the loss.

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