Some strange laws of Pakistan! After knowing, you will catch your head

Some strange laws of Pakistan! After knowing, you will catch your head

Pakistan Weird Law: At present, India’s neighboring country Pakistan has become a topic of discussion. Right now Pakistan is going through a very bad economic crisis. The financial crisis of this country can be gauged from the fact that the cost of basic wheat flour ranges from Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kg. At the same time, there has been an increase in the price of electricity, which is around Rs 43 per unit.

However, apart from all these, Pakistan also remains in discussion about some strange laws. Here are some such laws, which are beyond the understanding of common people, due to which Pakistan has to face criticism.

strange laws of pakistan

Punishment for getting married at the age of 18- An absurd bill was introduced in the Sindh province of Pakistan. According to the bill, people should be married at the age of 18. Otherwise, there is also a rule of punishment for those who do not follow this law. Pakistani politicians believe it will help prevent social evils and child rape.

wrong english translation Translating some words into English is considered a crime in Pakistan. There are words like this – Allah, Masjid, Rasool or Nabi. If any person translates these words into English, then strict legal action is taken against them.

Ban on going to Israel No citizen of Pakistan can go to Israel. The Government of Pakistan does not allow anyone to go there. Visa is also not given by the Government of Pakistan to go to Israel.

Tax on education- It is necessary to pay tax for education in Pakistan. If a student spends more than 2 lakhs on his education, then he is required to pay tax up to 5%.

illegal to live in In Pakistan, if a boy is caught living with his girlfriend, he is given a jail sentence. No one can befriend any girl here. There is a law in the neighboring country that boys and girls cannot go together before marriage.

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