Stones pelted again on Vande Bharat Express, this time in Bihar, fourth incident in 21 days

Stones pelted again on Vande Bharat Express, this time in Bihar, fourth incident in 21 days


Stones Pelted At Vande Bharat Express: Once again the incident of stone pelting has come to the fore on the Vande Bharat Express train. The high-speed train was targeted this time in Katihar, Bihar. The incident took place when the Vande Bharat Express was crossing the Dalkhola-Telta railway station. The incident site comes under Balrampur police station of Katihar district of Bihar. The police gave this information on Saturday (January 21).

According to news agency ANI, right side glass window of a coach of 22302 Down Vande Bharat Express was reported damaged. On Saturday, a train escort party informed the local authorities that passengers traveling in coach number C-6 had reported that the train was pelted with stones. No one was injured in this incident but the Railways suffered losses. GRP, RPF have been informed about this.

The incident happened on the evening of 20 January

This incident is being reported on Friday (January 20) around 4.15 pm. Escort party of Vande Bharat Express going from New Jalpaiguri to Howrah said, “Stone pelting was reported by a passenger at berth number 70 in coach 6 while crossing Dalkhola-Telta railway station.” Due to stone pelting, a glass window of the coach was broken. For this, a senior RPF officer has informed the Superintendent of Police, Katihar about the incident.”

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‘The culprits will be arrested soon’

Railway security officials said that after identifying the perpetrators of such stone-pelting, they will be arrested and sent behind bars soon. At the same time, the passengers on the train expressed their displeasure over the incident and called it uncivilized. People traveling with women and children expressed displeasure over the safety of the train. A passenger said, “This is an example of uncivilized behaviour. The culprits should be punished immediately.”

Fear is increasing among passengers

Another passenger said, “This is a new train. How can someone attack this train? This is unacceptable.” He said, “If this continues, people will stop taking Vande Bharat and the number of passengers will come down. People will have no reason to trust the security system. These repeated incidents have created fear.” Have given.” He said, “The train that returns to Howrah reaches there at night. It is even more dangerous as attacks can increase at night.”

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