stop throwing away onion peels

stop throwing away onion peels


Benefits of Onion Peels: Onion is used in vegetables, salads or any food in the recipes of every country of the world. If the price of onion increases, then there is panic among the people. And this directly affects their taste. Any recipe is incomplete without onions. If we say in other words, onion has an important importance in human food. But if you come to know that along with onion, its peels are also useful. So what would you say? Often we throw onion peels, but if you know about its benefits, you will not throw it from today itself.

Let us know in which things onion peel can be used?

enhances eyesight

Vitamin A is found in onion peel. Which works to increase the eyesight. It also works to keep eye related diseases like night blindness away. You just have to do one thing. First of all, boil onion peel while making tea. And then filter it and drink it. With this, your skin will also get better and will also glow.

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strengthens immunity
Apart from vitamin A, C is also found in onion peel. Therefore, if you drink it by boiling it in tea or boiling it with water, it strengthens your body’s immunity. Due to which the risk of viral infection also reduces. And there will be no problem of cold-cough in your winter.

healthy and silky hair
If your hair has become rough and lifeless, you can still use onion peels. For this, first of all, take some water and put onion peels in it. And after an hour wash the hair with the same water. This will solve the problem of your hair fall.

stay away from heart disease

If you want to stay away from heart disease, then you can use onion peel like this. First of all, clean the onion peel thoroughly and then put it in a pan. Then add water accordingly. After adding water, boil it. Filter this water well and then drink this water. This will reduce your risk of heart disease.

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