Submarine ‘Vagir’ is the silent killer of the sea, inducted into the Indian Navy

Submarine ‘Vagir’ is the silent killer of the sea, inducted into the Indian Navy

INS Vagir: The Kalvari class submarine i.e. submarine INS Vagir was inducted into the Indian Navy today. To increase the strength of the Navy, INS Vagir was inducted today on 23 January. As the threat regarding the security of Indian borders is increasing, preparations are also being made to make this security system impenetrable, unbroken. Now in this episode, INS Vagir has come to further increase the strength of the Indian Navy.

INS the fifth submarine of the Kalvari class :-

INS Vagir is the fifth submarine of the Kalavari class. Under Project-75, the first submarine INS Kalvari was inducted into the Indian Navy in December 2017, the second submarine INS Khanderi in September 2019, the third submarine INS Karanj in March 2021 and the fourth INS Vela in November 2021. Today INS Vagir has also become the pride of the Indian Ocean. The sixth and last submarine, Vagshir, is expected to be handed over to the Navy by the end of 2023.

Structure of Submarine INS Vagir: –

  • This submarine is 221 ft long, 40 ft high, 19 ft deep, weighing 1565 tonnes.
  • The machinery has been set up in such a way that there is about 11 kilometer long pipe fitting. Cable fitting of about 60 kilometers has been done.
  • The submarine made of special steel has high tensile strength, which has the ability to work in greater depth of water. Vagir submarine can stay in water for 45-50 days. Due to stealth technology, it does not get caught by the radar. Able to work in any weather.
  • There are 360 ​​battery cells inside INS Vagir. The weight of each battery cell is around 750 kg. On the basis of these batteries, INS Vagir can cover a distance of 6500 Nautical Miles i.e. about 12000 km. It is powered by two 1250 kW diesel engines. This submarine detects the enemy by going up to a depth of 350 meters. Talking about its top speed, it is 22 notes.

Why is INS Vagir called silent killer?

This submarine warrior can also be called a silent killer. Like most importantly, the magnetised propulsion motor at the rear, whose technology has been taken from France, due to which the sound coming from inside is not allowed to come out. Due to this, the enemy’s search airplane or submarine or war vessels do not get the information properly, due to this it is appropriate to attack the submarine without getting caught. INS Vagir is equipped with two periscopes. There is advanced weapon inside it which can easily get rid of sixes of enemies in times of war.

Talking about the weapons mounted on INS Vagir, 6 torpedo tubes have been made on it from which torpedoes are fired. Apart from this, either a maximum of 12 torpedoes can come at a time or anti-ship missile SM39, along with this, this submarine can also lay mines. Which number of missiles or torpedoes will be kept in the submarine, it depends on which mission it is on. The weapons and sensors fitted in the submarine are linked to the High Technology Combat Management System. Submarine has all the facilities to communicate with other naval warships. This submarine Vagir can also perform tasks like all types of warfare, anti-submarine warfare and intelligence gathering.

How is the life of the soldiers in the submarine?

A crew of about 40 people can work together on this submarine INS Vagir, out of which 8 to 9 are officers. Due to less space in the submarine, many things have to be taken care of. The kitchen in a submarine is called a galley, a lot of care has to be taken in cooking here. Can’t smoke here while cooking, because the smoke doesn’t find a way to go out. Apart from this, there are separate compartments for the soldiers to sleep. After 3-3 hours of duty, the soldiers take a break of 6 hours. The use of water is reduced as far as possible. The responsibility of every department on the submarine is on certain people. For example, if a torpedo is to be fired, there is a person specially for it, if a special person is responsible for communication before firing a torpedo, there is a separate team for combat, on the same lines motor and There are different people for technical things.

What does wagir mean?

It has been a tradition of the Indian Navy that warships and submarines which have been retired are given their names to new naval ships. Let us tell you that even before this, INS Vagir has given its services to the country, which retired in the year 2001. Now the fifth submarine of this Kalvari class has been named Vagir. The submarine inherits its name from INS Vagir (S41), which served in the Navy from 1973-2001, and is named after Vagir, a species of sandfish. This fish hunts by living in the very depths of the sea and chases the prey until it hits the prey.

Motto of INS Vagir?

The motto of INS Vagir is Courage, Valor and Dedication. Every Indian has faith that when the world’s most modern submarine INS Vagir will land in the Indian Ocean, it will write a saga of valor by showing its courage and serve India with full dedication.

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