Taliban has imprisoned three British citizens for the last 3 months, reveals an NGO

Taliban has imprisoned three British citizens for the last 3 months, reveals an NGO

Afghanistan Detained British Men: In Afghanistan, the Taliban have kept three British people under their control for the last three months. A British NGO Presidium Network gave this information on Saturday (April 1). The NGO said that we are working together with two such British families.

Britain’s Foreign Ministry has also issued a statement in this regard. He said in his statement, we are in constant touch with the counselor for the safety of British citizens. They are working hard for this. He is supporting the victim’s family.

British nationals held by the Taliban since January
Scott Richards of the Presidium Network told Sky News: “We believe he is in good health and is receiving good treatment.” We have no reason to believe that he has been treated negatively in any way. We are told that they are as good as can be expected under such circumstances. However, no meaningful contact has been found between the officers. Our NGO Presidium is also helping two people.

Two British nationals are believed to have been held by the Taliban since January. However, it is not yet known how long the third man has been in Taliban custody.

British citizens were captured earlier also
According to media reports, an unidentified hotel manager, Kevin Cornwell, 53, and a YouTube star, Miles Routledge, are being held by the Taliban. The Presidium urged the Taliban on Twitter that this is a kind of misunderstanding. You release these people.

Last year too, the Taliban released an experienced television cameraman and four other British nationals after six months. Peter Jouvenal was one of the British citizens whom the government in London said was in the hands of radical Islamists. Then the British government had said that five people had traveled to Afghanistan even after the government refused.

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