Talking in vain is a waste of energy, know the amazing benefits of being silent

Talking in vain is a waste of energy, know the amazing benefits of being silent


Power Of Silence Importance In Life: There is power not only in speech or speaking but also in silence. This is the reason why great importance has been given to ‘silence’ in religions. It has also been accepted by scientists that silence has a deep connection with health and it gives mental peace.

Silence brings concentration in thoughts and increases creativity. That’s why all the saints and sages who became ascetics attained the deep knowledge of the world by remaining silent and meditating.

speaking is the cause of sorrows

Speaking is the reason for not one but many sorrows in our lives. Because our problem is that we cannot remain silent. Always keep on saying something or the other and because of your speaking more than half of the miseries are created. Our speaking is also the reason for discord in the family.

dharma reels

You eat as much food as you are hungry, do as much work as you need, but have you ever thought about how much you speak. Do you speak only as much as is necessary or do you speak unnecessarily all day long. Do sit alone and think about this, how much you spoke throughout the day, what you said and most importantly why you said it. How many of these things were necessary and how many were unnecessary.

exit listening environment

Man’s tendency is such that he wants to tell others what is going on in his mind and the other person also does the same thing with you. If these things are related to any other or third person, then the work of listening and narrating is done with more interest. Whenever you sit again, these things will be repeated again and you will think about these things again.

This listening-to-telling environment goes on for life and in this way you lose your time, your life, your thinking and understanding and those precious moments which can be lived and enjoyed. So get out of this listening environment.

what is the power of silence

As long as we keep speaking outside, there will be unrest within us, the day we become silent from the mind, then whatever comes out of our mouth, we will remain calm. All the evils that are there in the world, there is trouble in the family, there is dispute between husband and wife, all are because of speaking. We do not want to remain silent, always want to be heard. But talking in vain is a waste of energy.

That’s why all the Buddhas, sages and saints who became there went towards solitude, because they didn’t have to speak much and didn’t have to listen much. Mahavira attained enlightenment after remaining silent for 12 years and Mahatma Buddha for 10 years. Maharishi Raman and Chanakya were also worshipers of silence. But you can be lonely even while living in this world. For this, you have to save those energies, which you destroy in useless words. That’s why speak only as much as is necessary.

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