The acreage of pulses, oilseeds, wheat is increasing continuously… know how food items can be cheap

The acreage of pulses, oilseeds, wheat is increasing continuously… know how food items can be cheap


Rabi Season Crops: The area of ​​food grains is continuously increasing in the country. At present Rabi season is going on. Wheat is the main Rabi crop. The area of ​​most of the crops including wheat, pulses and oilseeds is increasing rapidly in the country. The central government is keeping an eye on the food grains being produced in the states. The details of all the crops from the states are also being updated. In the current rabi season year 2022-23, till January 20, the area under all types of rabi crops has increased from 676.97 lakh hectare to 696.35 lakh hectare.

Wheat area increased to 341 lakh hectares

The figures of the current Rabi season of the crop year 2022-23 have been revealed by the Central Government. According to statistics, the area under wheat has increased till January 20. It was 339.87 lakh hectares till the same period last year, which has now increased to 341.13 lakh hectares. Last year in the same period it was 339.87 lakh hectares.

More sowing in these states

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If we look at the statistics of wheat sowing, it has been sown in 2.52 lakh hectare in Rajasthan, 1.49 lakh hectare in Bihar, 0.92 lakh hectare in Maharashtra, 0.54 lakh hectare in Chhattisgarh, 0.48 lakh hectare in Gujarat and 0.22 lakh hectare in Uttar Pradesh. Wheat sowing started from October. Maize, jowar, gram and mustard are also rabi crops. They will be harvested from April to March.

Wheat acreage reduced here

It is not that the area under wheat is increasing in all the states of the country. Some have even decreased. Less area of ​​sowing Wheat has been sown in Jharkhand 0.34 lakh hectare, Punjab 0.18 lakh hectare, Himachal Pradesh 0.10 lakh hectare and Haryana 0.10 lakh hectare. At the same time, the area under paddy has increased to eight lakh hectares. Last year the area under paddy was 23.64 lakh hectare, which has now increased to 31.54 lakh hectare.

Pulses, oilseeds also registered an increase

The area under pulses has increased from 163.7 lakh hectare to 164.12 lakh hectare. The area under coarse cereals has increased from 49.36 lakh hectare to 51.46 lakh hectare. The area under oilseeds has increased from 100.44 lakh hectare to 108.11 lakh hectare. An increase of about 8 lakh hectares has been recorded in oilseeds. It is done. Whereas, the area under mustard has increased from 90.18 lakh hectare to 97.1 lakh hectare.

There may be a softening in the price of food products

The price of mustard is already running low. In such a situation, a fall in the prices of the items used for mustard can be registered. Apart from this, whatever products are being made from wheat. Softness can also be seen in them. The reason behind this is that the central government is trying to control the prices of flour. If there is a bumper production of wheat this year, the products made from wheat can also become cheaper.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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