The board is preparing for the class 12 examination

The board is preparing for the class 12 examination

The National Examination Board is preparing to make suggestions to the Government of Nepal by including various options for conducting the postponed examination of class 12 of the last level of school level.

In a virtual debate organized by the Education Journalists\’ Society (SEZ) today, Prof. Dr. Chandra Mani Poudel, Chairman of the Board, said that they are seriously studying the issue of obtaining merit certificates that students can take around the world.

He clarified that the Class 12 examination would be postponed from the first week of September due to the increased risk of corona virus and the decision could not be taken by the board alone.

He said that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Center for Prevention and Control of Covid-19 (CCMC) will decide on the method and date of conducting the examination after studying the suggestions given by the board.

The board has prepared a suggestion to conduct national level examination without certification on the basis of internal evaluation like class 10 and 11 as the risk of COVID-19 is increasing and class 12 examination should get national and international recognition.

The report states that in case all the students of the school level are not able to participate in the online learning, the class 12 examination can be conducted online or the examination can be conducted on different dates in other districts by conducting the examination in places where there is no risk of corona.

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