The car hit and dragged the bike rider for 12 kilometers on the road, painful death of both husband and wife

The car hit and dragged the bike rider for 12 kilometers on the road, painful death of both husband and wife


Surat Accident News: In Gujarat’s Surat district, a car driver trampled a bike rider for several kilometers. In this incident, the bike rider and his wife died tragically. Police said that the car had dragged the youth on the road for about 12 kms.

The incident took place on the Kadodara-Bardoli road on the night of January 18 when the victim was driving a bike while his wife was on the back seat of the bike. Police said that the victim of the incident was a 24-year-old youth riding a motorcycle, who was later identified as Sagar Patil.

The car dragged the young man for 12 km
A police officer said on Tuesday that a local man had recorded a video of the speeding car on his mobile phone, which helped the police identify the car, adding that the driver of the car would be arrested soon.

Surat (countryside) Superintendent of Police Hitesh Joysar said, “The victim Sagar Patil was riding a motorcycle with his wife Ashwiniben last Wednesday night when a speeding car hit them. Even after hitting the car, the car did not stop and kept dragging Sagar. Sagar’s wife had fallen there, although both died in the accident.

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The Superintendent of Police said, “Late night (a few hours after the incident), Sagar’s body was found in the area of ​​Kamrej police station, about 12 km from the accident site. It is speculated that the car had dragged him for 12 km.”

The police officer said that a citizen sent him a video clip which helped in getting the details of the car and other details about the accident.
He said, “The accused will be arrested soon.”

A similar incident happened in Delhi as well.
Earlier on January 1, a similar fatal accident had happened in Delhi’s Kanjhawala area. In which a 20-year-old girl riding a scooter died after colliding with a car. According to the police, his body was dragged under the car for 12 kilometers and later his body was found on the road itself.

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