The educational sector is moving

The educational sector is moving

There are indications that the education sector, which has been severely affected by the corona virus (Covid-19) infection, is slowly moving.

In this context, the government has paved the way for Nepali students going abroad to get the required \’No Objection Letter\’. Tribhuvan University has started searching for students of all levels who have been without contact for a long time.

It is stated that the Council of Ministers has paved the way for the implementation of the recommendation made by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to allow the No Objection Letter. Spokesperson and Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Deepak Sharma, said that the ministry has sought permission from the government to issue \’No Objection Letters\’ to students who want to study abroad. It is said that the approval letter given by the government for that is yet to be received in the ministry.

As soon as the letter from the government is received, the way will now be open for students to study abroad. Officials of the Ministry of Education have informed that the ministry has sought the approval of the Council of Ministers for permission after extreme pressure from students and parents.

Ram Sharan Sapkota, chief and joint secretary of the higher education division of the ministry, said that it was difficult to address the complaints of the government depriving students of their right to study abroad. He informed that the process will start if the government gives permission in writing to give no objection letter to the student.

It is said that it is not easy for Nepali students to be enrolled in foreign schools as international flights have not started

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