The wonder of social media!  Learned dragon fruit-strawberry cultivation by watching online video, now income of 5 lakhs

The wonder of social media! Learned dragon fruit-strawberry cultivation by watching online video, now income of 5 lakhs


Strawberry Cultivation: People’s interest in agriculture sector is increasing. Farming work, which was once limited only to farmers, is today becoming an inspiration for others. Only then people have started farming to increase their income. Women are also now increasing their income by joining agriculture and horticulture and presenting an example of women empowerment in the society. The name of Mirzapur’s Vandana is also included in these women, who are becoming role models for farmers today. Vandana has learned farming only by watching videos on YouTube-Google.

Today, by cultivating dragon fruit and strawberry, she is earning an annual income of Rs 5 lakh. Today Vandana Singh has earned name, money and fame on the basis of her innovations and hard work. Mirzapur’s DM Divya Mittal has also appreciated the efforts of Vandana Singh some time ago.

farming in half acre
Vandana Singh, a resident of Mirzapur, is cultivating dragon fruit and strawberries on half an acre of land in her village. Vandana is earning thousands of rupees every month from this work while taking care of her house.

This journey started as a housewife. Free from work, Vandanaal used to watch videos on her smart phone. From there got the idea of ​​dragon fruit and strawberry cultivation. To get more information about this, Vandana turned to the Agriculture Department.

news reels

After getting technical help from the Agriculture Department, he started dragon fruit farming on half an acre of land and earned an income of Rs 5 lakh in a single year. When this farming became successful, he also made up his mind to grow strawberries and turmeric and got even better yields.

make your own plants
After taking good profits from dragon fruit cultivation, Vandana Singh has now expanded her farm. Now she is also preparing plants in the nursery from the cuttings of dragon fruit plants. Stone pillars, iron wire and cow dung manure are being used for dragon fruit cultivation, although there was no significant profit in the first-second year of this farming, but in the third year the profit increased from hundreds to thousands. Vandana says that today the dragon fruit plants prepared in the nursery are being sold for Rs. On the other hand, dragon fruit fruits are being exported to Varanasi at the rate of Rs 400 per kg.

Manages farm and barn along with the house
After taking a profit of 5 lakhs from Dragon Fruit, Vandana Singh says that this has been possible only with the help of YouTube’s Idea and Horticulture Department. Dragon fruit farming is best for women, because along with taking care of the household, women can earn good money by working in the fields for some time and dragon fruit farming is a means of earning not just double but quadruple. Today, Vandana Singh has received many honors and awards for her better performance in dragon fruit cultivation. Now Vandana has also turned to turmeric cultivation for additional income.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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