There are two districts in this state where not a single farmer sold paddy at the government center

There are two districts in this state where not a single farmer sold paddy at the government center


Paddy Procurement In Jharkhand: Paddy procurement is going on in many states of the country. Paddy procurement is nearing completion in some states. Paddy procurement is extremely sluggish in Uttar Pradesh. The UP government has given so much concession to the farmers that whenever the farmers reach the market with paddy. Their paddy will be bought. Paddy procurement is in bad condition in Bihar. Here the target has been met, while in most of the districts the farmers have not been able to sell paddy at all. Now they have to sell paddy at half price. Now a similar picture has emerged from another state. Here also farmers are not able to sell their paddy.

Farmers did not reach government centers in 2 districts in Jharkhand
The figures of the state government have come out. According to him, farmers of two districts of Jharkhand are facing crisis in terms of paddy sale. The condition is that a month has passed since the purchase of paddy in Sahebganj and Dumka districts of the state. But not a single farmer has reached the government centers to sell paddy.

Paddy procurement target was 8 lakh metric tonnes
One month has passed for the purchase of paddy in Jharkhand. But the progress report of paddy procurement is not very good. This year, the figure of paddy procurement has been kept at 8 lakh metric tonnes, but the figures of procurement are not visible around it. Farmers say that even last year the condition of paddy procurement in the state was not so good. This time the situation is not so good. It has been told that the paddy procurement which started in December 2022 will continue till April this year. But what are the circumstances of buying paddy. He does not seem to be able to fulfill the target even this year.

Why did paddy purchase get so bad
In Jharkhand last year the drought caused a lot of trouble. 226 blocks of 22 to 24 districts of Jharkhand came under the grip of severe drought. Paddy could not be sown due to severe drought. If the sowing was not high, then the production of paddy procurement also registered a decline. Now the crisis faced by the farmers is that some farmers could not sell paddy because it was necessary to keep paddy for their needs. There were also some farmers who needed money immediately and could not get it from government centres, so they sold it at private centres.

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Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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