There will be 12 class online exams for 40 marks

There will be 12 class online exams for 40 marks

After a long period of homework, the postponed class 12 examination will be held online for 40 marks of total integer. The National Examination Board (NEB) has recommended the government to conduct online examination of 40 marks out of 100 integers, experimental marks of 20 marks and total marks of class 11 in the remaining 40 marks.

The decision will be implemented after the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology sends a proposal to the Council of Ministers approving the mixed format examination. According to a ministry official, the government will take a decision soon as per the board\’s recommendation. The government has already issued Student Learning Facilitation Directive-2077 so that those who do not have access to online can use other means of information technology as well.

Krishna Prasad Sharma, Controller of Examinations for Class 11 and 12 of the Board, said that if other alternatives are not possible, the schedule of online examination for 40 marks will be published after the government decides on this option. When taking the exam online, students will have access to textbooks and resources, even if they have to prepare answers at a certain time from their place of residence. As there will be no examination center, guards and security personnel, it will be an open examination in a way.

The examination scheduled for April 22 was postponed due to the bandh on April 25. A total of 432,000 students had applied for the exam. The board has published the information on September 10 and has requested to provide the details within seven days if the students who have applied for the class 12 examination have migrated to other districts due to corona epidemic or other reasons.

Comptroller Sharma also said that in the current situation, it is unlikely that the examination will be held ten years ahead. Earlier, the Board of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Class 10 has been verified by the board based on the decision of the government and it has been decided that class 11 will also be certified through the same process. As there is a final examination at the secondary level and it should also have international recognition, the board has suggested the option of conducting the examination in a mixed format. The ministry had formed a separate task force comprising ministry officials and board officials to suggest the examination.

After the implementation of the Education Act (2028) (Eighth Amendment) 2073 BS, the then Higher Secondary Education Council was disbanded and transformed into the National Examination Board. The work related to school permit, scholarship, school operation will be managed from the local level and the work related to curriculum development, development and equivalence determination will be done by the curriculum development center.

While preparations are being made to conduct the 10th and 11th class examinations at the state and local levels by preparing a legal structure, this year\’s corona epidemic has automatically gone for internal assessment and policy and legal arrangements are being prepared for its management from next year. Constitutionally, the operation and management of secondary education is under the jurisdiction of the local level and the establishment of examination mechanism accordingly has been delayed.

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